was created for a variety of reasons. The name was bought so I could have an email address for life, but after I bought the name, I decided to expand it and make it my world wide web trademark. Every artist (When referring to myself, I use that term loosely) needs a place to display his work, but as of yet, no one has offered to pay me to display mine, so I am forced to take that responsibility for myself.

The main attractions to this site are the pictures I have taken over the last few years. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed taking pictures, and I enjoy having a place to display the pictures I'm proud of. Most of the pictures here are of people, but I have tried to avoid snapping everyday shots and focused more on taking pictures of people having a blast. was redesigned in the Fall of 2006 because I was in Japan working, and for most of my trip nights were a little more dull than I am used to. Since my other choice was staring at wall, I decided to redesign my home on the web. The redesign is mostly aesthetic, but I have added a place for me to describe each picture. I have also added an article section. The articles in this section are just my thoughts that I would like to share with others. I assure you the article section is much less interesting than the pictures.
Enjoy! --Joel Prothro